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I have recently had the pleasure of taking photographs for the vinyl artwork of Sydney band No Art's independently released 7”. We had just shot a little video for their new single 'Forest' (an update on that will be coming soon) and an idea for the vinyl emerged from that shoot.

I somehow managed to convince them to get half naked in a public park (who am I kidding, it wasn’t that hard) at 6am on a cold wintery day and took some photos of their body bits - limbs, backs, arms - with my Pearl TLR medium format camera as well as a Canon 5D SLR.

The forest and the human took turns mimicking one another: sometimes their body parts echoed vines and tree roots as they coiled and wreathed around one another; and at other times the texture of a rock or the bark of a tree recalled the veins and blood and flesh of the human being.

The vinyl will be getting released within the next couple of months so check back to see those images soon.

Images featuring Vivian Huynh, Charles Daaboul and Trischelle Roberts

(Source: miskamandic.com)

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